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Final Frontiers Foundation
1200 Peachtree St.  Louisville, GA. 30434 - USA
Telephone: 800-522-4324 or 478-625-9050 - Facsimile: 478-625-9996

Dear Sponsor,

      On behalf of all those involved in this ministry, I want to thank you for your commitment to sponsor a needy child. As we pledged to you, your funds will be used to make a difference in the life of this child.From time to time we will send you photographs, letters and school reports as they come to us.

Information regarding your child:

  •       Please know that your support and prayers will be vital to your child’s wellbeing. He/she will need to be able to count on your regular assistance. If you should ever find yourself unable to continue support, please inform us as quickly as possible so that we will have an opportunity to find a replacement sponsor, thereby avoiding a lapse in support. Remember, we are just a channel for your support. Only the funds sent in by sponsors will be forwarded for the child’s care. We do not have any guaranteed, surplus funding to make up for sponsorship that is not sent in on their behalf. If you have any questions you may contact us at our toll free number listed above.
  •       I know that your child will want to know your name and pray for you andwe will pass that information along to him/her. It would be great if you could send us a family photograph with your names attached, that we can forward to the child. I know from experience that your picture will be proudly displayed on a wall in their homes, as perhaps the only “decoration” they may have.

Information regarding your child’s letters to you:

  •       Most of these children are unaware of our culture in America. They have the mistaken idea that we are all wealthy. For that reason, they feel at liberty to ask such things as help for their friends, or money to pay their “luxuries”. While we are sensitive to their needs, we are also sympathetic to your financial capabilities. Thus we are asking you to send and receive all correspondence through the Final Frontiers/Touch a Life home office. This will protect you from receiving overburdening requests and will help us to maintain accountability for your child. We will never give out your address to anyone without your direct consent. We will of course, from time to time, make you aware of any specific needs your child has which you may or may not wish or be able to supply. Your child will be discouraged from asking anything specific from you except on the occasion of their birthday and Christmas. A Gift List is included on page 10 of this portfolio for your use on those occasions or whenever you may desire to provide a gift for your child. Gifts of cash are never sent.
  •       You will also receive a report from your child most every month. The first one will take several months to arrive. Once the process has begun, the reports should be received regularly.

Information regarding your support:

  •       As mentioned during the ministry presentation, the support increments for child support are requested in the amount of $35.00 per month.
  •       To help you remember to send in your support, we will send you each issue of our Progress Report and send you a receipt of your giving monthly and an annual giving statement as required by law.
  •       Of the thirty-five dollars, your child’s care provider will receive $25.00 as “designated support”. This is the care funding your child will receive according to the faithfulness of your contributions.
  •       The remaining $10.00 of your monthly support will be used for “personal accountability” both in his/her nation and here in the United States at our home office. These funds will cover such expenses as telephone, postage, printing, transfer of his funds by express certified mail or international bank wires with associated fees. They will also be used to help cover the expenses incurred in finding and maintaining accountability for your child such as travel, translations, photographs, etc. Funds may also be used to help feed children who are in a desperate situation but do not yet have a sponsor. Our policy is that critically hungry children will not be turned away from our feeding centers.
  •       We also want it to be made known that your child will receive any special gifts you send to him/her. We do not transfer cash to the child, rather we send the funding you provide to the child’s care provider. The funds are then used to purchase the gift of your designation and the gift is delivered to the child. A photograph is then taken of the child, with your gift and sent to you for accountability purposes. A Gift List is provided for you later in this portfolio.

Method of payment:

  •       If you prefer, you can make your payments by check and send it to our main office. Please make your check payable to either Final Frontiers or Touch a Life.
  •        Or if you prefer, you may pay by use of your credit card over our secure internet server ( or at, or by calling our toll free number and giving your information directly to our financial secretary. We currently accept Visa and MasterCard.

Final thoughts:

      In reality, the expansion of our ministry is only as strong as our prayer and financial base. We are thankful to have you as a new member of our family. In time you will learn of other opportunities of ministry with us. One of these is our Final Frontiers Society. Membership in this elite group is also $10.00 monthly and the funds are used to purchase and distribute Bibles to Christians and Pastors who do not own one. If you would like a free video outlining our ministry and the effectiveness of the Society, please request it by email or phone, and it will be sent to you immediately. It is our hope that it will bless you and others you will choose to share it with.

      I hope you know what a blessing your sacrifice will be to your child. You are stepping out on the path of not only changing but also enriching the life of a child who until now, knew only hopelessness. May God bless you richly with a harvest equal to your sowing.

Yours for Souls,

Jon Nelms