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Gift List - Honduras

Below is a list of suggested gift items for your child. These are not required, they are merely provided for you as suggested gifts. If you are interested in giving an item that is not listed, please contact us and we will investigate the price for you.

Please understand that you are not under any obligation to provide gifts for your child. This list is provided simply because, from our experience, from time to time most sponsors do wish to give a gift to their child. Rather than fielding hundreds of phone calls each year for this purpose, we chose to provide you with a sample list below.

Baby Doll For Girl $12.00 Jump Rope $5.00
Baby Powder $2.00 Large Backpack $10.00
Basketball $12.00 Large Bicycles $125.00
Beach Towel $3.00 Large food Bag ** $50.00
Bed with Matress $90.00 Large Umbrella $8.00
Bibles $15.00 Long Skirt $10.00
Blouse $10.00 Men and Teen Button up Shirt $10.00
Body Cream $3.00 Mens Socks $2.00
Boys Belt $10.00 Microscope $30.00
Boys Watch $12.00 Normal Skirt $10.00
Bra $2.00 Panty Hose $2.00
Brand Name Soap $2.00 Perfume or Cologne $10.00
Child Panties $2.00 Sandals $6.00
Child Shirts $10.00 Scientific Calculator $20.00
Child Socks $2.00 Set of Combs and Brushes $8.00
Child Pants $10.00 Set of forks, spoons, knives $10.00
Clock Radio with alarm $25.00 Set of Marbles $3.00
Coloring Books $4.00 Set of Sheets for Bed $12.00
Crayons $3.00 Sewing Kit $20.00
Cream $3.00 Shoe Shine Paste $2.00
Deodarant $3.00 Sleepwear for Girl $10.00
Dress $20.00 Small Backpack $8.00
Dress Shoes for Boys $30.00 Small food Bag * $20.00
Dress Shoes for Girls $20.00 Small Umbrella $5.00
Electric Stove - Two Burner Hot Plate $45.00 Soccer Ball $12.00
Flash Light $4.00 T Shirt for Child $7.00
Foto Album Large $10.00 T Shirt for Teen $9.00
Hair Gel Large $4.00 Tap Recorder and Radio $30.00
Hair Gel Small $2.00 Teen and Mens Pants/Jeans $10.00
Hair Rollers $5.00 Tennis Shoes $15.00
Half Gallon of Shampoo $4.00 Thermos to cary food $15.00
Hammocks $30.00 Tooth Paste $2.00
Iron $20.00 Tooth Brush $1.00
Jackets $20.00 Vaseline $2.00
Jigsaw Puzzle $10.00

* Food Bags consist of Beans, Rice, Corn, Cooking oil, Sugar, Salt

** Large Food Bag includes “small bag” items as well as a whole Chicken and other Items