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Questions and Answers

Why does it cost $35.00 to sponsor a child with this program, when others on television ask for only $20.00 monthly?

     We believe that we offer a better and more thorough quality of care as outlined in this portfolio; and far more accountability to you, the sponsor.

     You may be aware that other similar organizations promise to care for a child for a much lower amount per month. While we do not wish to go into what may be embarrassing information for these other organizations, let it suffice to say that there is no comparison between the services provide by them and us. We do not just feed them a bowl of rice when the cameras are filming. We feed them balanced, nutritious meals at least five days a week, provide two sets of uniforms and two pairs of shoes each year, as well as all the educational materials they need, basic health care, family visits, levels of tutoring as needed and available and spiritual care. We also give you at least ten reports each year.

     Many of the ministries you will see on television are not founded by them, only co-sponsored. One day the ministry will have one name over its door, the next day a different name, depending on what film crew is in the country at the time. Thus in reality, each child may be receiving support from several different sponsors through various different organizations; yet each sponsor believes they are the only ones providing for “their” child. This practice logically lowers the support amount.

     With Touch a Life, your child is your child only; no one else will sponsor him or receive his biography. This is our commitment to you. You, and only you, will make the difference in your child’s life.

Can I legally adopt my child and bring them to live with me?

     We are not an adoption service, however, should you over time desire to do this, we will use any contacts we have available in that country to assist you in your goal. It should be known however, that while some countries are eager to allow their children to leave the nation and be adopted by “foreigners”, many are opposed to it and will make such an enterprise very expensive and difficult.

Can I visit my child in their country?

     Yes you may. We schedule regular mission trips for this purpose.

Can I send gifts to my child?

     Yes and no. Sending a gift overseas is expensive and often times the recipient has to pay import taxes of up too 100% of the value of the item. In this portfolio on page 10, there is a list of recommended items you can purchase for your child and corresponding prices for that region. Our policy is to send the funds to the overseer and allow him to make the purchase locally and give your gift to your child. You will receive a letter of thanks from your child for any gift you send to him or her and most likely, a photograph as well.

Can I call my child on the phone or write to him?

     Yes you may, providing the orphanage or placement home has a telephone. If not, we will try to arrange a time and place for you to call your child, and to have a translator available. This call may be expensive, but to place such a call once a year will likely be affordable for you. Do be aware however, that until the child gets to know you better, he or she will probably be quite shy. Additionally, they may be somewhat frightened because this will likely be the first time they have ever talked on a telephone. It is better to wait a half year or more after beginning sponsorship, to do this. Writing is not problem but for accountability sake, we ask for all correspondence to go through our office. We will bear the expense of forwarding your letter to your child. Additionally, your child will send you at least six, personal letters each year.