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Misael Antonio Pineda

Age: 12 (3/15/2005)
Gender: Male
Country: Honduras

Needs a sponsor

       Misael, like his sister Kelin, has a unique situation. Most fathers work as farm hands and earn about $20 to $30 a week, but Misaelís dad has a little plot of land that he owns so he tries to make a living farming it. As such, he has no regular income. For the last few years he has grown enough to barely feed his family and has little left over to sell for necessities. And that doesnít mean they get three meals a day. The land in the valley beneath them is very fertile but this broken down house and farm they inherited is on poor soil that is mostly rock.

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Artur Oleksanderovich Koshlik

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Needs a sponsor

Country: Ukraine
City: Mukachevo
Location in city: Mukachevo
Age: 16 (7/18/2001)
Gender: Male
Status: Destitute
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